Tips for Dancers

Salsa dancing at floor level

dancefloor view of a salsa party in full swing

Salsa Dancing Basics

If you want to learn how to make your dancing look natural, smooth and altogether sharper, check out this post…

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Become a better Leader or follower

Are you a man looking for ways to ensure more women understand your lead?

Or are you a woman who sometimes struggles to feel the lead?

Even if you’re none of the above, this post will leaders and followers improve their partnerwork skills.

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Finding the one

Do you struggle to hear where the one is in salsa?

Do you find you lose your timing?

Do you want to understand the music better and dance with more flare?

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6 Reasons why dancing is good for you

Best-Ever-Strictly-Come-Dancing-Performances (2)

Dancing has many benefits. As someone who has danced for many years, I have benefited greatly from dancing. It has personally helped me to find a partner, improve my health and develop a great social life wherever I have travelled. Since teaching, I have watched people grow in confidence, meet their lifelong partners, learn to interact with the opposite sex more effectively and also improve their health. So I want to share with you 7 Reasons why I think dancing is good for you.

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