Who are Breckland salsa?

Breckland salsa is run by Kwad and Laura Kissiedu, a pair of passionate dancers who moved to Norfolk in 2012. After spending two years missing the buzz and excitement of dancing salsa, we decided it was time start a salsa class in Swaffham. We hope to provide a place where people can dance, socialise and have fun on a weekly basis.

Laura is a classically trained dancer and has danced since 3 years old. Whilst Kwad has more of a funky/street dance style and has performed, to an audience, on several occasions. Over the years, we have both regularly danced at salsa social events in London, the 3 counties and various UK salsa weekenders. Between us, we have taught hundreds of people how to dance salsa.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions people frequently ask. If you have an unanswered question, please contact us.

What is the format of the classes?

The format of the evening will be as follows:

Timings are approximate.

Warm up: Duration = 5 minutes

The evening shall begin with a warm up dance to any song (not necessarily salsa). The main aim is to get everybody moving and “warmed up” for the class.

Partner work class: Duration = 30 – 45 minutes

The partner work class is where we shall teach you everything you need to be able to dance salsa socially. We shall focus on certain key areas.

1.     Music Timing

2.     Salsa Footwork

3.     Salsa Core moves (for leaders and followers)

4.     Styling and body isolation

5.     Having fun

 Practice + Social Dance: Duration = 1 hour

When the class is finished, one song will be played whilst salsa moves are called out by the instructor for everyone to follow. Once the song is finished, the social dance will begin.

What is a “Social Dance”?

Social Dance is what makes dancing salsa so much fun! It is an opportunity for you to dance to Latin rhythms and to socialise with people. Unlike the class setting, social dance allows you to ask someone to dance or practice your moves with.

When the class has finished and social dance begins, we shall play music so that you can practice what you have learned over the weeks.

Is there a dress code?

There is no set dress code. However, it is important that you are comfortable when you dance. For this reason, we recommend that you wear something comfortable.


Men: Jeans and T-shirt, polo shirt or shirt

Women: Jeans or trousers. Alternatively, you can wear a dress. However, be aware that you maybe required to spin.

Footwear: Try to avoid Rubber soles or high heels (That goes for men too!!)

Do I need to bring a partner?

Although salsa is a partner dance, there is no need for you to bring a partner. Typically, we shall change partners during the class so that leaders and followers are given the chance to practice with as many different people as possible. I shall also take time to dance with followers.

I cannot dance. Do you think you can teach me?

One thing to remember is that dancing is meant to be fun. If you enjoy moving to music, then you can dance. However, if you feel that you lack rhythm and style……well please come to one our classes.

At Breckland salsa, we aim to break down the moves into bite size chunks so that you can slowly improve your rhythm and style. If you take time to practice what you have learned and ask questions, then you will be dancing salsa in no time.

Do I need to book a class?

 Unlike some dance classes, we do not operate as a course. This means that you can come and dance when you like. So although, we hope that you we will try to attend regularly so that you can learn quickly, there is no need to book a class.

Please contact us if you would like to block book some classes.




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